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A tool for monitoring and keeping track of the disk usage of your SharePoint sites.

SharePoint Usage Monitor is a tool useful to keep track of and provide reports on disk usage of your SharePoint sites. You can setup multiple sites to check, and schedule when the timer job should run to check the site disk usages. The report shows the current total amount of disk space used by files on the selected site, as well as the disk usage history for the last thirty days.

For business users, the report gives an indication of site activities.

For system administrators, the report gives an insight on the site growth in size – Is it time to increase disk capacity? Is it time to split the current site into separate, smaller sites as it reaches the Microsoft’s recommended 100GB content database size limitation?

Installation is very easy, through standard WSP deployment.

The first beta version of this tool focuses on the tracking and reporting of site disk usages. Your feedback is very much appreciated. Suggestions and comments will all be taken into consideration for future releases. Please feel free to do so via the discussion board, issue tracker, or email (

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